Taiwan is blessed with rich natural landscapes and cultural heritage, where you can experience unique cultures and cuisines while enjoy stunning natural scenery – all in one place. Travel is no longer just about checking off sights on an itinerary, it is about understanding local culture, tasting regional foods, adding fun to travel, and experiencing all that life has to offer.

Travel Niches – or exclusive tours – refer to specific segments or target audiences in the wider tourism market.
During this year’s ITF travel show, Forte Hotel Group has curated specialty local culture products and interesting interactions at Booth I 1401 to help you get to know Taiwan’s colorful cities and towns. Visit our booth and take a trip to the most down-to-earth places around Taiwan. Experience the beauty of these interesting places all in one spot!

This year’s booth design includes 8 removable backboard explanation walls, using double-transparent material that replaces the previously used pearl board. The design is not only more environmentally friendly, but also fashionable, and the material can be subsequently remade into commemorative gifts, reducing the burden on the environment.

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Special Packages

Special packages available for purchase at Forte Hotel Group’s 2023 ITF Booth
Start selling from 10/27 12:00 to 11/10 16:00 *Taiwan Local Time

Orange Hotel
Ximen / Hanzhong / Linsen locations

Octagonal soap travel set (contains rice, tea, Chinese medicine)

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Orange Hotel Wenhua Chiayi

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Forte Hotel Changhua

Complementary train tickets for two plus longan cake giftbox (free entry to Mt. Bagua Great Buddha Scenic Area + Changhua Roundhouse + Roundhouse Railway Park)

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Yamagata Kaku Hotel & Spa

Complementary coupon for local agricultural experience (fishery, fruit, farm, local tour)

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Beach Resort Green Bay

Two complimentary tickets to Yeliu Ocean World

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Forte Hotel Group reserves the right to terminate, modify, or retain this promotion at any time.

Experience Taiwan

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Beauty Hot Spring

Jiaoxi Hot Spring is a sodium bicarbonate spring rich in sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and carbonate minerals and quite rare in Taiwan. The water is clear and odorless. Whether you soak or bathe, it is very helpful to your overall health.

  • Taipei City – Beitou white sulfur hot spring for delicate skin.
  • Green Bay – acidic sulfur salt spring that boosts immunity.
  • Jiaoxi – smooth and soft sodium bicarbonate spring.


Balance refers to parity between physical and mental health, achieving a high degree of harmony between body and spirit, and maintaining a high-energy state to face study, work and life.

  • Taipei City – Li Binghui Foot Health Center Ximen Branch, Thousand Miles Foot Massage Therapeutic Spa
  • Green Bay – Beach Resort Green Bay Sea Floor Hot Spring House, New Taipei City Wan Jin Shi Marathon

Local Eats

Down to earth delicacies that can embellish banquets but also provide hometown nostalgia for visitors. While they don’t cost much, they are closely intertwined with popular culture relying on word of mouth.

  • Taipei City – Xu’s Pork Knuckle Noodles, braised pork knuckles in white soup, Yejia Meat Porridge
  • Green Bay – Ah Qiao Seafood Restaurant Cuttlefish Vermicelli, Lottery Store Crispy Pork Rib Noodles
  • Changhua – Ah Quan Braised Pork Rice, Ah Tian Clam Noodles
  • Chiayi – Wenhua Night Market Stir-fried Snail Meat, Zhenzhen Seafood Porridge
  • Jiaoxi – “Agrioz” Candied Fruit, White Water Tofu Pudding, Ko’s Scallion Pancakes

Agri-Food Experiences

learn about agricultural practices, food preparation and how farmers work in sync with nature. You’ll learn about ecology, and the importance of the relationship between farming and the environment.

  • Taipei City – Healing Herbar Customized Green Tea
  • Changhua – Magical Mushrooms Tribe Farm, Lu Grape Vineyard
  • Jiaoxi – Fishery and Farming Experiences / Cow Head Cattle Farm, “Agrioz” Candied Fruit, Sinbow Scallion Cake, Dawen Leisure Farm

Heritage Tours

Visit famous sites, reminisce about the past, participate in special activities, and travel with a specific purpose – to add something intellectual to your trip!

  • Taipei City – Dadaocheng Koo Family Mansion, Chen Tian-lai Residence
  • Green Bay – Fushiping Historic Trail, Jinshan Old Airport Site & Lee Family Residence
  • Changhua – Baguashan Red Hair Well, Daodong Tutorial Academy, Shiyilou Historic Shophouse
  • Chiayi – Chiayi Old Prison, The Museum of Old Taiwan Tiles

Explore Religious Sites

Temples, churches, monasteries and monuments have changed with the passage of time, many of them sculpted beyond their original design by the elements. Visitors are welcome to spend time exploring these fascinating places.

  • Taipei – Dadaocheng Cisheng Temple, Xiahai City God Temple
  • Green Bay – Wanli Bible Cultural Park, Jinshan God of Wealth Temple
  • Changhua – Nanyao Temple, Mazu Temple

Round the Island by Bike

Traveling by bike can be tailored to your physical condition, spending more time in the saddle if you’re fitter, or taken at a slower pace over several days. Whichever you decide, incredible scenery and sights await!

  • Taipei – Tamsui River Bike Path
  • Green Bay – Wanjin Bike Path
  • Changhua – Xihu Sugar Factory National
    Greenway, Baguashan Bike Path
  • Chiayi – Shixian Road Bike Path, Puzi Creek Bike Path
  • Jiaoxi – Annong Creek Road Bike Path, Yilan Coastal Bikeway, Dongshan River Bikeway, Meihua Lake Cycling Trail

Business Travel

Transportation, accommodation, catering and hotel banquet activities are the primary elements of business travel. Working hours are very clear and relate to the arrangement of conference rooms and business centers, including necessary facilities, Internet, video conferencing, and so on. Business travel is a very important indicator of a host city’s vitality.

  • Taipei – Taipei International Convention Center, World Trade Center, Nangang Exhibition Center
  • Green Bay – Meeting Accommodation & Sea Floor Hot Spring House
  • Jiaoxi – Yamagata Kaku Accommodation, Dining and Spa


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