Opening Preparations and Planning

Negotiate and plan the commissioned projects together with the owner, and help the owner complete the lead-time work within the scheduled time limit, in order to set up a successfully operating hotel.

Reference projects in the territories of Taiwan:
  1. Planning of Taichung Greenland Mall
  2. Win the contract award for the operation of Taipingshan Jen-Tse SPA Forest Recreational Area for 20 years on behalf of Ve Wong
  3. Advisor for the preparation and management of YOAI Hotel in Yilan
  4. 10-year operating rights and 10-year priority to negotiate the price for the new building of the Civil Service Development Institute, Directorate-General of Personnel Administration, Executive Yuan
  5. Management and planning of various business locations of Howard Hotels' affiliated companies
  6. Opening and preparation of Luodong Kapok Hotel & Resorts

Reference projects in the territories of Mainland China:
  1. Wuxi City Golden Tulip Paulista Plaza 252 rooms, shopping mall, buffet restaurant, café, ballroom.
  2. Beijing City Mansion Laforte Beijing 154 rooms, mall, western restaurant.


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